Qantas Heathrow check-in times

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Two questions:


For Heathrow check-in, the Qantas website says:

“Check-in opens 4 hours before the first Qantas international flight and closes 45 minutes before departure.”

There’s two flights each day: departing at 11:55am (to Perth) and at 9:05pm QF2 to Sydney (via Singapore).

Can I check in at 12 noon for the Sydney QF2 flight? Can I take the website info literally? Check-in desks will remain open all afternoon? Or will check in be closed after the Perth flight then re-open later on in the day for the Sydney flight?


If check-in isn't open after the Perth flight (and opens again later in the afternoon), can I check in at the Perth check-in counters even though I'm on the night flight? i.e., will they tag my bags and I can leave them or will they make me come back when the actual check-in for QF2 opens later in the afternoon?


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Don't do it!

The information on the Qantas website is wrong. I made that mistake a fortnight ago. Having carefully checked what it said on the Qantas site, and that there was an earlier departure, I decided to go early and work from the lounge. I ended up hanging around for hours.

After QF10 departed, they closed checkin until 5pm. By the time they finally opened, I'd say there were upwards of 100 passengers (including plenty of First and P1s) who'd been mislead by the wrong info on the Qantas website and come earlier.


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Thanks appreciate the heads up. I might get to the airport extra early when the Perth flight check-in is still open in that case.

Phil Young


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Be careful of trying to check-in during the morning for QF2 if you have checked luggage. Heathrow might not have the capacity to store your luggage all-day.

Ryan K

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There is so much information that is incorrect on the Qantas website, including the opening hours of various Qantas Clubs around the country. The website also says that facemasks are mandatory in all airport terminals around Australia, which is now not true. Who is responsible for keeping the website updated and why isn't anyone being held accountable for it?


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I agree with Phil…I would be wary of checking in too early given how Heathrow has been losing luggage, and the amount of traffic going through that place. It’s probably a safer bet to check back in at 5 pm ready for the night flight, that way there is less of a chance that your bags will be misplaced.

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