• No random light sources please - there's nothing worse than turning the light off to discover the smoke alarm has been placed directly above the bed and has a pulsing red light every few seconds . (QT Melbourne is among the sinners)Also power points with enough clearance to plug in Apple power co...

  • I'm curious how other readers find the timings of connections between the regional routes and feeding into the new city routes? It may just be a bit of my bad luck for where I happen to be, but in my case,  the timings are unworkable. So what had seemed like a really attractive option of usi...

  • How could Qantas have possibly have expected high demand today?

  • To play Devil's advocate on Qantas overhyping... With both the "revolutionary" premium economy comment and below-deck bunks, they seemed to be based on a couple of throwaway lines from Alan Joyce. Those lines were then repeated (including on this site) over and over again.Commenters on this site ...

  • Staff travel: who 'owns' the points?

    Apr 02, 2019, 08:56 AM

    I wonder if chasing status sometimes means an employee might not act in their company's best interests over the timing of buying a ticket.Sale fare available right now, but holding out for the double status credits promotion in a few weeks time that might just get you up to P1?Might you be less t...

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  • Traveller etiquette

    Feb 25, 2021, 01:39 PM

    Normally I would argue against pushing somebody out of the emergency exit mid-flight. But there is an exception to every rule

  • Qantas Club TV

    Feb 24, 2021, 07:12 PM

    The polarised content on Sky News now starts at 5pm rather than 7pm. I'm sure there'll be a point where Qantas decides it's not worth the risk to its brand of having the channel on in the lounges. Most advertisers have now left the channel, particularly in the evening. Why would Qantas risk stick...

  • I was wondering exactly the same thing. I suspect it will depend on whether there's a big bang moment when it becomes clear when hotel quarantine will end.

  • Funnily enough, it looks like they’ve thought of that. I recommend checking out this great website called Executive Traveller which often contains this sort of information https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/qantas-frequent-flyer-overseas-status-extension

  • Well done on the smooth transition. It's always harder than it looks.

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