Can you combine two SQ reward flights into one VA booking

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Hi everyone, I'm having a minor issue at the moment. I'm looking at Rome-Singapore and Singapore-Perth in early 2021 (of course, betting that the COVID-19 situation is settled by then).

I can see business class availability through Virgin Australia on Rome-Singapore for 92,000 points and Singapore to Perth for 53,000 points on the dates I want.

However, the call centre can't combine the two flights into one ticket for 121,000 Velocity Points per person, which is the proper rate for a Rome to Perth journey with a short transit in Singapore.

I am being quoted 145,000 Velocity Points per person instead. I thought I've read somewhere that Velocity can combine two reward seats into one booking and charge the through fare. Does anyone have experience with this?


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You should be able to call and they should be able to call Velocity and check this - I'm not an expert on Velocity but some airlines have region restrictions so they can't combine 2 flights into one to save.

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The issue can sometimes be related to 'married segments', where Singapore Airlines is specifically releasing reward seats for "Rome to Singapore" and "Singapore to Perth", but not specifically "Rome to Perth", and that restriction makes it impossible to combine them onto the one booking. The issue could also relate to transit time, if the connection is too short (or long) in Singapore.

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