Credited flights still showing and still getting updates

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Is anyone else still getting flight change updates for credited flights? While my domestic flights were credited immediately, all of my international bookings are still in the "My Bookings" and receiving flight changes, etc.


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Hi JayHi,

I have had something similar happen.

My two domestic flights I took as Vouchers because they were Red-e tickets and the cancellations would have eaten up the price of the fares. All good, though one is in my bookings list as a voucher to redeem, and the other appears as a weird listing: 'Off Line Point to Off Line Point' and the 'flight' is listed as QF 9246. What is that all about!?

My two international flights I took as refunds - yet to materialise. While they have disappeared from my bookings page, one of my bookings - to Paris - had BA to CDG return flights. For the return from CDG I have received emails as if the flight still exists. Very curious.

Should I phone Qantas today as it is the March 31 deadline for the initial tranche of cancellations, or wait until closer to the April 6 date which was the original start date of the trip?

Also, I would be happy to take the cancelled flights where I sought refunds as flight credits, now that the expiry date has been extended. I will have to look further on this site, as I am sure someone else has the same impulse.

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