• Your point is still redundant and your job is irrelevant. The choice not to buy this option is firmly in your scope of influence, as it is for those who see value and wish to buy it. To your final point, people have the right to assign whatever personal value they choose to their time.

  • This site should be called Australian Business Whiners. It’s like a race to see who can crap on any innovation first. This is a pretty standard option on many airlines. If you are a status flyer, it doesn’t effect you and if you are an infrequent flyer that’s happy to be in t...

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  • Is anyone else still getting flight change updates for credited flights? While my domestic flights were credited immediately, all of my international bookings are still in the "My Bookings" and receiving flight changes, etc.

  • I'm travelling on a Qantas flight from Orlando to Dallas and then onto Sydney. I then have a Sydney Dallas, Toronto flight on the same day after picking up my family. OK, first of all, before you ask the obvious question, it's because a) I'm an idiot, b) I booked the Toronto flight before I knew ...

  • Finnair Lounge @ Helsinki

    Jan 09, 2018, 01:35 PM

    I recently flew through Helsinki twice and was really impressed by the Finnair business lounge in the international terminal. Definitely one of the better lounges in the network

  • Anyone else been refused entry to the Cathay First / Business lounge in San Francisco. As a QF Platinum, I was sure access was provided to this lounge. The Air France / KLM option is appalling......

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