Refused entry to Cathay First / Business lounge in San Francisco

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Anyone else been refused entry to the Cathay First / Business lounge in San Francisco. As a QF Platinum, I was sure access was provided to this lounge. The Air France / KLM option is appalling......


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You're only permitted access to the Cathay Pacific lounge as a Qantas Platinum, if your next onwards flight for the day is oneworld operated and marketed.

Under these conditions, Qantas Platinum gets you nothing in terms of Cathay lounge access when flying Air France or KLM...


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Nothing suggests the OP was flying Air France or KLM.

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What reason did the lounge staff provide for refusing entry, Jason?

As a Qantas Platinum (Oneworld Emerald) frequent flyer, you're entitled to use Cathay Pacific's Oneworld lounge when flying onwards on any Oneworld airline, including Qantas, unless the lounge is near capacity and space needs to be saved for Cathay's own passengers.

(Suspect you were flying on Qantas from SFO to Sydney?)

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I wish that the airlines would just publish "the book" online so we all new the rules. "the book" appeared to us in LHR when we tried to get into the BA first loung on a QF platinum card and the women said no at first and then produced "the book" and said "hang on let me check something".  "The book" had colour pictures of every airlines cards, One world, and then basically a yes or no table below each picture for the airline and class type.  We were QF economy and we got a yes and she did the big "Welcome, would you like to book a shower".  So I wish "the book" was available to us online instead of the cryptic rules that are on the websites. We had the same in Dubia trip over Emirates business lounge, return trip first class lounge no problems. 



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Hi Steve,

"The book", so to speak, is available in the form of the oneworld website's airport services search function, where you can look up lounge access, terminal maps and fast track availability/eligibility. 

The golden rule at unfamiliar foreign codeshare lounges is that if you see a oneworld "gemstone" at the lounge entry (sapphire or emerald) which matches what's on your card, and you're flying on a oneworld marketed AND operated flight, you are entitled to entry. No more questions.

(You can't be on a oneworld marketed but 3rd party carrier airline. For example, booked on an Iberia flight that's operated by Vueling, etc.)

Oneworld knows this is presently a little bit ambiguous, with it's current too-simple "gemstone" colours scheme, and will be introducing the word "oneworld Priority" to its branding regimen at airports, to make it a little more obvious to the majority people that don't have airport entitlements down to a fine art.

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