What happens IF?

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So I have a paid for booking on Qantas to CHC in J for the end of July... I paid for this at Flight centre...

My Question - What happens to my booking if Flight Centre goes bankrupt?

Can I still fly on the ticket? I think probably yes

But my major concern is if they go belly up and I'm not able to travel in July (very possible) who would I contact to change the flight?

Any Thoughts?


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If the booking has been ticketed then I would think so as I'm pretty sure Qantas would have received payment from the agent. If no 'ticket' issued, probably not good to travel.

This tends to be the big issue when agents go bust, they take your money and make a booking (giving you the booking reference) but doesn't pay the airline (or keeps the money), so the airline cancels the booking after the ticketing deadline passes.

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