• I was doing some random reward flights searches this morning and reasonable amount of QR availabilty, in Y anyway not so much at the pointy end. They will have to be 'some' availablity for QF FF as part of the OW alliance. How much though is the killer. 

  • You want to be careful doing that regardless of a TRS claim or not. The TRS system and 'watchlist' system are not linked so any flagging results from manual invetsigation of TRS claims. Not the highest priority for the ABF., but if something stands out, it wil be noticed. There is probably a bit ...

  • While the Embraer's avoid the middle seat in Economy, for those who like to look out the window, the higher risk of getting a 'window' seat without a window or only a small portion of a window (the 737 Row 9 issue multiplied) is a tad annoying. An aircraft issue not airline I know. 

  • Some Pacific island countries do the same thing, for apparently easier access to visas to Australia/NZ.

  • If you say yes to the Africa/Sth America question, the kiosk will then ask if the travel has been to a displayed list of countries - the ones for which the certificate is asked for - Peru, Brazil etc. If you say yes to this question, then you are bounced to manual.I did this in late December ex Q...

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  • This story indicates the service is not available.https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/qantas-axes-free-chauffeur-drive.

  • What happens IF?

    Apr 10, 2020, 10:57 AM

    If the booking has been ticketed then I would think so as I'm pretty sure Qantas would have received payment from the agent. If no 'ticket' issued, probably not good to travel. This tends to be the big issue when agents go bust, they take your money and make a booking (giving you the booking refe...

  • Purchasing Upgrades at Check In

    Jan 07, 2020, 05:31 PM

    Originally Posted by Theresnormissin Out of interest does anyone know if the purchased upgrades come with a higher points/status earn ? I'm guessing this is airline dependant but that would factor highly in my decision to upgrade alongside my personal comfort:flight time metric. Mentioned family ...

  • Purchasing Upgrades at Check In

    Jan 06, 2020, 09:33 AM

    Is there a list of some sort of the airlines that will sell (not the bidding lottery or using points) upgrades at check in? A search of threads here returned a discussion about Qantas not doing that. A family member has successfully done this with Etihad twice in the last three weeks. So I'm won...

  • Apologies, I was getting an error message stating the requested action could not be completed.

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