'Local' use for AA Credit?

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Hi Folks, Recently during some leisure travel to the US we had to cut short our trip as the Coronavirus situation started to deteriorate. This meant cancelling some non-refundable AA flights. Despite being non-refundable AA has extended us AA credits. Not that any of us will likely be going anywhere anytime soon, international especially, I wondered as we get to the other side of the pandemic then is anyone aware of how I might be able to use this credit in our part of the world? eg Any way the credit might be used for QF/AA domestic codeshare flights in AUS ........ if such flights even exist?


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In regard to AA, you can use AA vouchers on Qantas flight, as both are Oneworld members. However you should where possible use them on AA flights as from my experience AA charges more than booking directly with other airlines (i.e. Qantas for Qantas flights).

American Airlines codeshares on Qantas flights between Australia and USA and on following destinations domestically EX SYD (times to connect to AA's own flight to LAX): to MEL, BNE, DRW, ASP, CNS, ADL & CBR.

My two cents try and use it on AA flights where possible, you have at least 12 months so wait and see.

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Planesa380, the answer you have provided is incorrect. The OP will not be able to book an AA codeshare for a stand alone domestic flight in Australia. Same answer as per the BA/AF thread.


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Thanks for the replies. I suspect mannej might be correct here. ie Just yesterday I attempted to find Au Domestic AA flights on aa.com, even for much later into the year but the site responses looked more look errors, suggesting such sectors just cannot be booked as codeshares.

Which then begs the question: Other than US International or Domestic flights, are AA credits of any use to me in Au?



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I was in the similar situation. I bought time i.e. I booked fully flexible tickets using the voucher and will be cancelling before 12 months to get another 12 months. Look at AA routemap and see if you would like to fly it any place internationally.

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