Virgin no longer providing refunds?

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Hello! I had flights booked with Virgin Australia for July however a day prior to them announcing administration I was given an option to cancel or request a full refund.

I have attempted to call to put my refund request through however was told they have been advised now the company won't be making any refunds or issuing credit for the next 4 weeks which then it will be assessed.

I am concerned on what to do now as I don't want to be out of pocked by $2,000 if the company does go into liquidation in the next 4 weeks.

Does anyone have any recommendations or possible outlook on what may be happening to refund requests in the next couple of weeks?


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How did you pay for the flights? If it was via credit card you can contact your bank and initiate a chargeback.


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It's important to remember that Virgin Australia is NOT YET in liquidation and continues to operate flights.

As far as I am aware, you can still “request” the refund it just won't be paid out for 30 days.

Remember if you did not buy a refundable ticket and your flight was NOT cancelled by the airline: it's just a good will gesture by the airline.

Chargeback is an option, however, there is time limits for requesting it (depends on your bank and which payment type you use i.e. Debit or Credit Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc.) Contact your bank/card issuer for their proses about charge back (they may need certain documents too from you).

When Ansett went into liquidation my bank (Commonwealth) refunded the fare to me as I paid by a credit card. CBA then became a creditor to claim on their customer behalf, so speak to your bank/credit card issuer for their advice.


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I had return tickets to USA in mid March which was before flights were cancelled but Virgin offered free transfer to future flights. I moved the flights to November/December 2020. Am I better to leave as is and see what happens or ask for a travel credit?


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I had flights booked to USA for mid March and moved the bookings to November/December. Am I better of to leave as is and see what happens in liquidation shakeup or ask for a travel credit?

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