• I’m in the USA now..latest trick is to charge credit card $100 a day to cover expenses not known and then leave it to you to fight for it back.  Then of course there is the foreign exchange rate that banks charge in credit cards.  Also top end hotels look stunned when you ask them...

  • I’m waiting for Australian airports to provide better takeaways, much like in USA so that it’s easier to buy food to eat on the plane.  Agree with comments about Virgin lounge ... Brisbane lounge was not worth a visit a few weeks ago, stale muffins wrapped in plastic and cardboar...

  • No one has mentioned that USA DOT put out a ruling late April stating ANY flight cancelled going into the USA, no matter what the reason, must be refunded within 7 days.  This applies for bookings made through Virgin to USA prior to Administration in late April.  

  • Anyone know when Virgin will refund international tickets the airline cancelled but credit not offered or accepted.

  • Thanks for the idea, much appreciated. Tried bank re chargeback, they said we need to see the email the flight has been cancelled, or evidence of some type.....Virgin happily tells me on the phone flight cancelled and email advising me of that was sent on 6 April, but does not want to resend the...

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  • Had the VA flights to LA been cancelled when you did the chargeback to Bendigo Bank, my tickets are for November and VA is still showing as these flights can be booked......Thanks

  • Virgin no longer providing refunds?

    May 03, 2020, 07:44 PM

    I had flights booked to USA for mid March and moved the bookings to November/December. Am I better of to leave as is and see what happens in liquidation shakeup or ask for a travel credit?

  • Virgin no longer providing refunds?

    May 03, 2020, 07:40 PM

    I had return tickets to USA in mid March which was before flights were cancelled but Virgin offered free transfer to future flights. I moved the flights to November/December 2020. Am I better to leave as is and see what happens or ask for a travel credit?

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