Banks processing chargebacks? (Tigerair tickets)

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Does anyone know which banks are processing credit card chargebacks? I tried this with Commbank for my Tigerair tickets, Commbank told me they couldn't do that as current Govt travel restrictions impact their ability to dispute transactions relating to COVID-19 while complying with Mastercard scheme regulations. Obviously this is BS designed to fob me off. If I know which banks are doing chargebacks I can complain about them to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Cheers


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Amex and Diners are allowing. CBA and ANZ not.


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I did CBA last week for Air Mauritius - that was second call I made though, first one was denied. Weirdly enough Air Mauritius refunded one ticket and not the other even though share same PNR booking. So I lodged a dispute.

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If you start a charge back for non-fraud related reason you must clearly show that you attempted to resolve the situation before initiating the charge back and have forms of proof

(I.E. send them multiple email and if no respond could be a possible supporting document)

Per Mastercard:

“Dispute Resolution Management During COVID-19:

Mastercard is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on the payment ecosystem and recognizes the challenges this may have on all participants, particularly when it comes to dispute resolution management. Over the coming months, we expect both issuers and acquirers to see a chargeback volume increase.

We strongly encourage issuers to have cardholders attempt to resolve disputes with merchants before processing a chargeback. In many cases, merchants are offering refunds, or have instituted flexible policies such as fee waivers, store credit or vouchers (collectively, ‘reasonable alternatives') for future service. We support these efforts and encourage acquirers to recommend such practices to their merchants in order to reduce chargebacks. Ultimately, if an amicable resolution can be achieved between the cardholder and a merchant, this will be beneficial to the entire payment ecosystem during this unprecedented situation.

Best practices and frequently asked questions are provided in this document to guide customers through common dispute scenarios. This information is considered initial guidance and does not pre-empt the consideration or final disposition of an arbitration or compliance case. Every case is reviewed on an individual basis based on the facts and circumstances presented, and in accordance with the standards found in the Chargeback Guide.

As this situation is constantly evolving, we recommend monitoring Mastercard communications and announcements for any changes. If customers have specific questions on chargeback standards or arbitration that are not addressed in this document, they may contact Mastercard's Dispute Resolution Management team at:

All Regions: Dispute (dot) Resolution (at) mastercard (dot) com

Europe: Dispute (dot) Resolution (dot) Europe (at) mastercard (dot) com”

Per Visa Business Article ID: AI09886:

"Visa expects our clients to act in good faith and make every effort to be flexible when resolving disputed transactions involving cardholders and merchants. Our expectation is that cardholders work directly with the merchant to resolve their issue, ahead of initiating a dispute with their issuer. …" (same as mastercard: step 1) deal with retailers before step 2: contacting Visa/card issuer).

Also note some credit card companies are creating ways of delaying chargebacks too:

"MasterCard's Excessive Chargeback Program (ECP)

For the next four months, Mastercard will suspend the program to identify merchants in airline, cruise line, passenger railway and travel agent industries since these categories have been directly impacted by COVID-19. During this period, Mastercard will continue to monitor to determine if additional categories should be included in the list of suspensions.

If a merchant is identified in ECP, and has been directly impacted by COVID-19, acquirers can request an extension for compliance. The acquirer must clearly explain how the merchant has been impacted by COVID-19. If an extension is approved, assessments will not be applied during the extension period."

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No luck with Bankwest either....


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I wouldn't trust Commbank with their refusal. They tried that with me and explained it was part of a directive from the Government. I contacted Fair Trade and Fair Trade told me it as utter rubbish. So when I rang back, the Commbank staff started my chargeback. Please note you must try to resolve the issue with the airlines first before the chargeback process.


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Bendingo Bank completed my charge back within 24hrs - we're VA flights to LAX in July.

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