Aegean airlines refuses to refund bookings on cancelled flights

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Hi fellow travellers, I am seeking advice on an issue I have no experience with: seeking a refund from an European Union flight company which refuses to refund tickets and paid luggage for flights scheduled in May 2020 ( when Europe is still locked down)

Details: my wife and I booked and paid for flights in November 2019 with Aegean Airlines for the Athens to Venice leg as well as a subsequent Athens to LHR leg in Y with prepaid luggage as part of European trip. Our Travel agent has advised us that the company has refused a refund claiming the current pandemic as the reason for not returning the approx 2 K. I suspect that my high level travel insurance may adopt a similar tactic to avoid any financial liability.

It seems to me a deplorable means to defraud us of these funds as the airline has not suffered any loss or expense by the cancellation of both flights. Whilst I will explore EU policy governing cancellation of internal flights, I would welcome experienced opinion how these policies might have a bearing on international travellers' bookings.


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Just some clarification:

(1) is this a change of mind cancellation (i.e. you no longer wish to travel due to covid-19 or other reasons); or;

(2) is it a cancelled flight by the airline (i.e. Aegean has notified you that the flight is cancelled and will not operate); or;

(3) is it that government regulation that bars you from entering the country.

If situation 1: you are at the mercy of your original fare rules if you want a refund (i.e. if you bought a non-refundable ticket: sorry no refund). However, Aegean has offer customers the option of an Aegean Travel Credit valid for 18 months as a good will gesture. Check Aegean website for more info.

If situation 2: I would direct your travel agent to look into claiming under EU261. You have the legal right to a full refund including other flights from the airline that you won't use in the same booking such as onward or return flights. Check the EU commission website for more info and up to date policy changes (if any). Aegean may not have cancelled your flights yet so you way need to try again later for this option.

Also note per Aegean's website: … The Greek Government's decision, all our flights are suspended in our international network up until 15th of May, except the route from/to Brussels … . (If your flight if after this date, your flight might not be canceled and it might still operate. So this option might not be availible to you).

If Situation 3: It depends. I am assuming that you are a non-eu citizen traveling from outside the EU; if your national government has banned travel outside your country and you have purchased separate tickets there is not many options. Simple put your options are: (i) claim under your travel insurance (if you did not buy travel insurance or if it does not cover it: your bank may offer included travel insurance with your credit card assuming you paid by credit card); or; (ii) request a charge back from your bank.

Good luck.

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I also have/had flights booked and cancelled with Aegean they are offering Credit Vouchers, I completed the form on their site and I have received from them. Included in the Terms & Conditions is the clause which would allow you to get a refund and a future point:-

After the 18 months of the date of its issuance, and provided that the Credit Voucher has not been used in full or at all, passenger is eligible to request refund of the (remaining) unused amount paid for his initial booking.

All I can suggest you go to their website and apply for the credit voucher,


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Hi Ross Tas and planesa380, your comments were much appreciated. In reply to the questions by planesa380: flying to Venice was no longer an option as the Adriatic cruise was cancelled due to C-19; have not explored the possibility of seeking a credit voucher and will discuss this with my travel agent.

Similarly , will discuss EU 261 with her ( her husband is Greek). Flights were scheduled for the first week of May 2020. The third situation: a bit more complicated. We are waiting for a promised refund from Qatar for the Aus to Athens leg and LHR back to Australia in business both ways. Once we receive the refund from Qatar we will claim any outstanding and non covered cost and hopefully Aegean ticket costs from our high level travel insurance

Thank you both for your valuable advice. Let's hope that it will be over soonest and we can all go back to exploring the world.

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