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Hi all, Etihad Guest are offering members a 50% bonus on travel vouchers purchased, valid for two years. I'm tempted but know the risks. Airlines are strapped for cash and Etihad's financial position has been well documented but do we really think the Abu Dhabi government would let Etihad go under? Also in the longer term do we think Etihad are committed to the Australian market, especially given the situation with VA? Any thoughts would be appreciated...have until 24/6 to decide.


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I personally considered taking advantage of this because I was planning a European trip for next year. Of course, this all depends on your thoughts and risk tolerance on travelling abroad especially to Europe which is really the only place you'd want to fly Etihad to. I ultimately decided against it because of the uncertainty in when I'd use the voucher and the uncertainty in the airline's future.

I highly doubt they would close up shop anytime soon, but their cost cutting has got me feeling less than excited to fly them in economy. Besides, there would be plenty of cheap fares in the next year as airlines attempt to drive up demand. For now, I expect only domestic and short haul travel for the forseeable future, where these vouchers are basically turning flexible currency into gift cards for a potentially but not neccessarily 50% return.

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