How to get around Error message #7130

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Hi there. I am trying to enter a large number (7 or 8) of segments on a QFF multi-city search but I get this error message:

Qantas website error #7130

  • What the Qantas website says: “The fare type is missing in the request”
  • Why this error appears: Your search contains 7 or more flight segments.
  • What to do: Try inputing a maximum of 6 flights into your search.

Is it possible to get around this?


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Unfortunately you can only book a maximum of 6 segments on Qantas's & Virgin Australia's main (public) website.

If you want to book more than 6 segments you will either need to book your flights via another website (or travel agent) or call Qantas directly (they may be able to build a more complex booking on the phone (at least they were about to about 10 years ago when I last did it through Qantas)).

Flight Centre, STA Travel, Hello World and other travel agents can build larger multi city booking instore, online via chat service and the phone.

Webjet supports 6 segments in multi city flight search and additional flights can be added on the review page if required online.

Kiwi supports 8 segments in multi city flight search online.

Also remember that if you miss a flight segment on a multi city booking might result in you forfeiting the rest of your booking check your T&C before booking. If it might be a possibility that you might miss a flight then it might be better to book multiple one way bookings.


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I have made bookings for 11 flights using 5 different airlines through the Qantas web site (OneWorld & codeshare) - essentially a RTW journey. It can be a bit frustrating when trying to build something like this & you have to have patience & alternative city strategies. For whatever reason, there are conflicts when entering cities in a particular order. Whenever I have encountered that, I start again & try a different order or change a city entirely - long winded but if you have the time & patience, you can make it happen. I also have a 2nd tab open in my browser & check routes that QF have their own & codeshare flights. That last 11 flight holiday I booked used QFF points redemption for 2 pax, business class all the way - now cancelled due COVID-19 as it was for September this year. But then again, I am a bit OCD & enjoy the challenge of creating these journeys :)

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