• I read somewhere a few weeks back that some airlines are reconfiguring them for cargo.

  • I jump on the Piccadilly Line tube and use the savings on a couple of pints of beer!

  • Norwegian Cruise Line emailed me this morning to advise that the Asia cruise departing HKG and finishing in SIN has been changed. It will now start and finish in SIN. Hmmm! NCL will refund costs associated with the flight changes to SIN but not hotel cancellations which meant I would not be ge...

  • What about two entries on this visa because we're on a cruise? We leave HKG by cruise ship and enter a port in North Vietnam on one day, depart that night and re-enter at Ho Chi Minh City the next day.

  • I flew MEL - CGK (A330) and CGK - LHR (B777-300) in J class in July. Connection in CGK was tight (actually they held the flight because of our late arrival from MEL. There were about 35 others with me.I am disappointed Garuda is pulling the pin on LHR as service was top notch. Another one stop o...

  • Hi there. I am trying to enter a large number (7 or 8) of segments on a QFF multi-city search but I get this error message:Qantas website error #7130What the Qantas website says: “The fare type is missing in the request”Why this error appears: Your search contains 7 or more flight segments.What t...

  • Qantas contact centre hold times

    Feb 20, 2020, 09:27 PM

    I finally received a refund of QFF for my first class seats (on Emirates metal) after ONLY two hours waiting for the call centre's operator to get to me on his/her queue. The overseas operator had to call Qantas reservations as well as Qantas Frequent Flyer department to sort it out while I waite...

  • Qantas contact centre hold times

    Feb 15, 2020, 05:07 PM

    Qantas would have the worst wait times of any company or government call centre in Australia. Mr Joyce should be ashamed of this shocking 'service'. Over two hours is a disgrace. I got through to Virgin Australia in five minutes!

  • Well, VA must have changed things because three years ago we went from VA domestic at Gate 46 on the Virgin bus to the international terminal using the public roads with dreadful traffic. I will be taking this trip to HKG in February so I'll let you all know which way I went.

  • Mickhenny, we usually go in early December for 5-6 weeks.