Credit Card Difficulty When Retired

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In the last few years of my working life, I was able to amass nearly one million miles of QFF points mainly through credit card sign-up bonuses. Year after year, I had no difficulty turning these cards over and getting new ones - together with the QFF points. However, since I retired 18 months ago, I have been knocked back for new cards. I currently have two cards, cards I have had when I was working - a CBA Diamond Awards Mastercard as part of a 'wealth package' and a 28 Degrees Mastercard. I think my problem is that I'm 'income poor'. Although I have a property worth approximately $1.5million, superannuation in excess of $.5 million and two newish cars, all paid off, and $6k in the bank, it appears to me that my relatively low income from pension super and aged pension hampers my ability to gain new credit cards and the QFF points that flow from them.

Does anyone have advice to get around this problem?



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Didn’t Afterpay have some signup promo going recently regarding FF points, don’t think it’s as income reliant as credit cards are.


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You answered your own question. It’s income related. Not a lot you can do about it and not unexpected. Surely you wouldn’t have expected to still be able to access credit cards on little to no income?


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Now, or rather when travel opens up again, is the time for you to enjoy those 1m QFF points. Enjoy.

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Once retired, your best chances for new credit cards are with your current bank.

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