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Ronin, you State that “ other than on compassion (sic) grounds you have a low chance of travelling.”

Evidently you did not read my post of 30th September. My friend applied for and received an exemption from the Australian government and he and his family have now arrived in Toronto and are self isolating for the next two weeks. They flew Qatar Airways from Melbourne via Doha.

There were no compassionate circumstances, merely a company transfer to Canada.


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Well I would love to come back to Australia within the next 8 or 10 months to spend a month or 2 with family. I work in China (Shenzhen) with my family (My wife is a chinese citizen).

I was hoping to hear a travel bubble to develop between China and Australia but nothing yet. Not sure if it is just the bad blood between the two countries or that maybe Australia does not think any part of China is clear of covid 19.

At the moment I wouldnt risk any travel yet as the ban on foriegners has just been lifted like a week ago. But hope we get more solid information soon.


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Why would I want to travel abroad? Too many countries are hot beds of covid-19. I used travel frequently to the US and UK for business and leisure, now I wouldn't dare. After leaving Australia, how do I get home? How long mandatory quarantine (at least a fortnight)? How much out of my pocket?

I'll pass on all of that. It's cheaper and healthier to stay home - and when I choose, travel intrastate. The again, how many times can you go to Cairns, Townsville, the Whitsundays, Longreach, ...? I just want to go to Western Australia - with no penalties attached.

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