• Shame it did not include work permits. It is such a pain applying for a new work residency every 12 months here in China. 

  • I think the London timetable is more accomodating to kangaroo route passengers. True it is not the best but far from as bad as you make it out to be. I see a 3 hour stop over in Taipei from Australia to London (BNE-LHR) which is perfect for say getting a shower and having an hour or so in th...

  • Now just wondering what benefits or access do CI dynasty members get from this? For Qantas members (gold level and above) planning to fly premium economy /economy the big question should be are they able to access the lounges when flying any CI route? 

  • Now I hope the skyteam lounge in Hong Kong will have been revamped and reopened by the end of this year. 

  • The first app which says China is partially restricted and on the same level as Australia is an amazing description. (The original impression from the map)14 day quarantine, 1 to 2 week home restrictions (or at a hotel you want to stay at). Yes some reductions in some cities but it is still atlea...

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  • Passports and no where to go!

    Jul 14, 2021, 03:36 PM

    My passport is still getting a good workout here in China. Will get Guangzhou consulate to replace my old 64 page passport by the end of the year.Just shocking now the talk for even a bubble to singapore is end of 2021. Everyone knows this is goingto probably get delayed into 2022. International...

  • Australians working overseas

    Oct 12, 2020, 02:25 AM

    Well I would love to come back to Australia within the next 8 or 10 months to spend a month or 2 with family. I work in China (Shenzhen) with my family (My wife is a chinese citizen). I was hoping to hear a travel bubble to develop between China and Australia but nothing yet. Not sure if it is ju...

  • The best thing they should do is extend the qualification period for over the 12months. So for example if the airline is effectively shut down for 3-4 months they can say instead of the points counting for the previous 12 months, the previous 16 months will count towards the qualification.. Of co...

  • Looks okay. And also business lite like PE usually sells for atleast a few hundred more. I also find it difficult sleeping in Premium Economy even with extra leg room when sliding the seat into its lowest position my legs get cut off.

  • Yes sitting at the front of the B747 is always special. Luckily if you really desire a blast from the past CI 747s will be around for another 5-6yrs for regional flights in asia and sold as business class. BA 747s won't be going that quickly so we have quite a few years yet.

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