Passports and no where to go!

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Given we aren’t allowed overseas for the last 14 months and likely at least another 6 months, I’d be interested to see if the government waves or discounts passport renewals..... I probably know the answer but would be interested to hear peoples thoughts.


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Isnt it better to not bother renewing? Mine expired in point in paying for a new one until i can actually use it.


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Buy a ticket to NZ if you want to get some value out of your passport.


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Mine expires next month. Will not be renewing until there is a roadmap to travel.

John Phelan

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Passports are not "pay per use". Just wait until we can travel freely again before renewing.


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Before you let your passport expire it is a good idea to check if you will need to provide more documents once it is expired. I think this is the case with UK passports.

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For all those delaying renewing their passport due to the cost, keep in mind that it costs a mere $30 a year.

David H

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Might I also suggest that leaving renewals until travel re-opens could cause a delay in the process. If everyone does this there will be a spike in demand which officials will be unable to deal with. I also suspect that this will be true for visitors seeking new Visas to Australia.


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If you grew up in an immigrant family, as I did, you know that you always, always, always have a current passport with 6 months validity, because who knows what the future holds or what potential emergencies may arise, even in spite of pandemic travel restrictions?

Granted, mine doesn't expire until 2024 anyway, but if it were expiring now I'd be queuing up to renew it, just as usual. Who (on this site with its usual socioeconomic demographic) cares about the extra $30 for a year?


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I too thought that I would let mine lapse when the time came but when I received what I thought was a joke DFAT text in April advising it had, I couldn’t renew it fast enough! The thought of reproducing all that paperwork later was too much. And whilst I dream of exemptions, I will be fully vaxxed next week so I definitely plan on being on an international flight ASAP! When Alan calls me for a Project Sunrise test flight, I’m ready to roll 😂😂 At the v least I plan to keep my P1 status as long as possible!



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Originally Posted by jrfsp

Isnt it better to not bother renewing? Mine expired in point in paying for a new one until i can actually use it.

You'll pay the same but will need to produce more ID - renewing with an un-expired PP is pretty simple but getting yr 100 points of other ID (think thats the case) is more effort. Also - imagine how many PPs expired in the last 18 months. So when borders open up, how many will suddenly apply for a renewal and how long will that take..


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The government could take the opportunity of reduced passport demand to innovate the passport process. The continuous price rises that don't offset the actual government's costs cannot continue. I'm afraid I have to disagree with those that say the passport is only $30 a year; it is $300 now, which, if invested in crypto, could be nothing in 10 years or a lot of money. I have just renewed my passport due to my family being overseas. The renewal only took a visit to 3 post offices; luckily, I don't value my time or the $301 would be the least of it.

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