Passports and no where to go!

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I know you think you’re being smart and saving 12 quid by not having to pay for your passport for year…

I’ll return here to see how this thread ages when the UK passport office receives a whole years worth of applications in May of next year. It’s such a model of preparedness, I’m sure the government has the foresight. Not to mention the whole operation is run by outsourcing and contractors.



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Will be using my shiny new, recently renewed, PP to go to NZ next week. Hope I remember how it works..

Anyway, pertinent to this thread and Amt comments above, dont anyone in Aust delay getting your renewal because there'll be a surge when borders re-open and a govt dept that hasnt been doing much wont be able to cope with the demand when asked.

Thats also going to be the case with flights and many other travel-related services : going from near-zero to flat out - so expect website meltdowns, price spikes as demand exceeds supply etc, until things settle into regularity.


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My passport is still getting a good workout here in China. Will get Guangzhou consulate to replace my old 64 page passport by the end of the year.

Just shocking now the talk for even a bubble to singapore is end of 2021. Everyone knows this is goingto probably get delayed into 2022. International travel likely going to be unlikely till nearly 2023. Unless Australians get motivated to demand a re opening no matter what. Everyone in Australia should have an opportunity to get the jab by the end of 2021 amd yet the talk of opening is definitely getting

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