• I am currently travelling around Europe and there is no internationally recognised digital vaccine certificate. If asked, which is getting rarer by the day, you only need to show a bit of paper or card, as the US travellers have. Nobody pays much attention to the details on the bit of paper. Hope...

  • IanJ....the reason why Morrison didn't invoke the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act 2015 to control quarantine in the early days is that there is a provision in that Act that the Commonwealth has to pay all costs related to the quarantine of someone. He simply didn't want to pay so left it up to each ...

  • Indeed it would be good news if Brad Hazzard decides to scrap quarantine for incoming travellers. Having come into NSW in the past 13 months, and left a few weeks ago, I am very familiar with the rules. It is all in the NSW Air Transportation Quarantine Health Order dictated by Hazzard. So whilst...

  • You can download the latest NSW Air Transportation Quarantine Order from this government website. Brad Hazzard changes it regularly. CLICK HERE >> https://legislation.nsw.gov.au/information/covid19-legislation

  • All good to have red and green zones, but the way you will be treated on arrival into any state will depend entirely upon what the state's Health Order dictates. The detail is in each state's Health Order and federal government has nothing to do with what zone you must obey. This is the power of ...

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  • Oh patrickk, you mean that your fears the past 22 months were not real fears. Please tell us that you have come out of your self imposed lockdown. Hello from Bormio, Italy.

  • Wine before take off

    Jan 03, 2022, 04:14 AM

    Perhaps Air NZ will start to offer the nice touch but only if you use a straw.


    Dec 02, 2021, 07:04 AM

    3 weeks to flatten the curve turned into 18 months just to start again with some Plan B still to be determined over the next 18 months.


    Dec 02, 2021, 02:09 AM

    It sounds like the perfect perpetual pandemic. So do we look forward to another 18 months of wait and see?


    Nov 08, 2021, 10:54 PM

    There is PCR testing station in a cubicle outside Departures dropoff at SYD International terminal. $150 for a 1 hour turnaround. Book online to enter your passport details which get printed on the certificate.

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