• It always amazes me that these countries in panic can somehow apply containment measures instantly, but always drag out the relaxation periods. It's almost like these governments have a reluctance to give you back your rights.

  • I would hazzard a guess that the airlines are more interested to see fresh cash in their bank account rather than pay out on an IOU. The IOU is after all only that, and doesn't pay bills.

  • I am currently travelling around Europe and there is no internationally recognised digital vaccine certificate. If asked, which is getting rarer by the day, you only need to show a bit of paper or card, as the US travellers have. Nobody pays much attention to the details on the bit of paper. Hope...

  • IanJ....the reason why Morrison didn't invoke the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act 2015 to control quarantine in the early days is that there is a provision in that Act that the Commonwealth has to pay all costs related to the quarantine of someone. He simply didn't want to pay so left it up to each ...

  • Indeed it would be good news if Brad Hazzard decides to scrap quarantine for incoming travellers. Having come into NSW in the past 13 months, and left a few weeks ago, I am very familiar with the rules. It is all in the NSW Air Transportation Quarantine Health Order dictated by Hazzard. So whilst...

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  • Qantas compensation

    Nov 17, 2022, 08:57 AM

    It's Qantas after all. What did you expect? Probably better to take the points quickly before they drop a zero or two from them.

  • Qantas - abusing the crew?

    Oct 28, 2022, 10:35 AM

    I'm inclined to thinkthat anyone from Australia who goes to Bali is a bogan. Glad I left the big island, and I'm certain the bogans on the big island are glad I left too!

  • Europcar's woeful policy

    Oct 28, 2022, 01:41 AM

    Actually I'm in a months rental from Europcar in the UK at this time. I also did a 2 month rental earlier this year. I find them great and would have no problem using them again. I understand that Europcar leases cars for 6-12 months for their rental fleet so what they have in stock varies month...

  • The Latest Qantas Insult

    Jul 05, 2022, 04:16 AM

    QF has technically been bankrupt for a number of years now. But creative accounting smoke and mirrors still means that management escapes the reality that other businesses have to navigate through. I for one will never fly QF ever again because of their blatant medical discrimination. There are o...

  • Originally Posted by Nexus Originally Posted by GoRobin Originally Posted by vhojm Originally Posted by GoRobin No airline for me if they require a poison prick to board. Let's see how many stupid airlines there are, and how long they hold on to their own self flagellation stance. However, at thi...

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