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Hi team,

The new transfer bonus campaign has started for Amex, NAB and some hotel reward programs.

Do you think we should hold on to our points or risk it and transfer it to Velocity?

Given Bain is about to take over in late October, not sure if they will devalue the points ey.

Poll: Should we take on the bonus points transfe campaign to Velocity?


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I would transfer however waiting for CBA to reinstate which I think will be in Oct after sale finalised and also when flybuys have their bonus.


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I think the uncertainty is what really puts me off transferring right now. Unlike putting your money on shares, you can't just cash out your points if things go south so I'd wait until things settle and we get some sort of trust that nothing will happen to the program before I do anything with my points.


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Im waiting for ANZ rewards transfer to be reactivated, so hopefully by October.

I would wait as 15-20% is the average transfer bonus and you may get a nice big one like 30-50% come October?

Unless your in my position were you need to transfer your points by a certain date due to closing your account

Does anyone have the approx. Bain sale date?

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