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Hi everyone

Just wondered what you knew about the most cost effective travel insurance for Thailand covering “100,000 USD FOR COVID”

There are a few companies. Some are incredibly expensive, like over 1000 dollars just for a few weeks. More are coming out now things are settling.

I’m in Melbourne at the moment. Seeing my daughter that I haven’t seen since this began.

Thanks for reading this :)


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I got mine through Cigna. It was a bit on the expensive side though, at US$1,500 for the year. A 50 years of age though, it was always going to be expensive.


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Not sure if you meant health insurance rather than travel insurance (which doesn’t normally cover health costs properly, all they want to do if they can get away with it, is to ship you back to Australia regardless of where you are and once you are on Australian soil, your health problem is no longer their problem)

Haven’t checked the current rules but I understand for travellers under special business travel bubble with Singapore they required min 3 months stay a large sum of bank deposit, proof of place to stay for the 3 months AND health insurance for the same period which is of course different from travel insurance in many cases and even more so during COVID-19.

So much for one big happy family in ASEAN.

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