International flights to cease inbound travel to Melbourne

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What does this mean - for long term flight availability and international lounges.


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@Adz11 - personally, I don't yet know ~ but keep reading the original Twitter thread. Some of the most humorous, intelligent and witty posts I have read in the last week.

Captain Dan and his (faux) 'Gold Standard' sure is coming in for a well-deserved roasting. Not 'political' - just fact.


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Its pathetic that Australia's second largest city has had to shut its hotel quarantine program twice - not accepting people for the majority of the pandemic.

Sydney has taken 140,000 travellers. Brisbane has taken 41,000 travellers. Melbourne has taken 35,000.

Melbourne is a city that constantly loves to compare itself to Sydney in some sort of superiority complex; but the numbers show that when overseas Australians needed support most, Melbourne wasn't there to help.

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