Access QANTAS BNE Int Bus lounge with One World Emerald

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Last year my partner used QATAR status match to obtain One World Emerald.

Looking to fly to NZ with QANTAS and would like to access lounge prior.

Does booking/boarding pass have to show his OneWorld status (ie QATAR number) or can QFF number be on booking/boarding pass and just show QATAR card on phone on entry?



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I believe you will need to book with the Qatar membership attached to the booking to be recognised. With this attached, you will be allowed entry under Oneworld rules.

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Staff at the Brisbane domestic lounges have happily allowed Qatar Sapphire/Emerald passengers into the lounges just by presenting their card (even with a QFF number on their boarding pass) - suspect the international lounge would function in much the same way.

For what it's worth, there's no formal Oneworld requirement for the elite membership number to be attached to the booking in order to get into the lounge, as lounges can still scan the non-status boarding pass, see 'computer says no' for access, and then click 'Oneworld Sapphire/Emerald', key in the elite membership number, and then get a green light.

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This past weekend I was able to access CBR, MEL & BNE business lounges by showing my Qatar digital card after scanning my boarding pass which had my Qantas FF linked. Just have the physical card or the digital card saved as I've found reception at the entrances to many lounges patchy at best.

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