Waiting times a joke!

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No, no issues...

Matt @ QF Premium did a great job refunding frequent flyer points. 15-20 min tops. However, was expecting a much longer wait.

Thanks Matt and QF for delivering. Much appreciated.

Ryan K

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I have an upcoming connecting flight to Hamilton Island that requires me to transit in Sydney. Qantas have moved the first leg of my trip to arrive in Sydney three hours after my flight to Hamilton Island leaves. With no option to change this online, I was forced to wait on the phone for an agonising three hours yesterday, only then to be placed on hold for another 40 minutes whilst the operator, who was very hard to understand, looked for alternative options. It's all very well for Qantas to say not to call if your flight isn't in the next 24 hours, but people need to sort out their accommodation and other plans which rely heavily on actual flights getting you to your destination! Not good enough Qantas, your customer service in this regard is nothing short of appalling.

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