QFF Points Redemption Calculator/Table for Pre-COVID International Routes

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As per title.

I would like to view points required for Classic Flight Rewards on typical (pre-pandemic) Qantas international routes.

The QFF "Use Points" calculator, currently running on the Qantas website, shows only redemption options for flights as they operate today, during the pandemic. (For example, the calculator will not display points required for J-class QF flight MEL-SFO, as those QF flights aren't operating. It will only show partner routes.)

Best I have been able to obtain this info is via old online flight review blogs, where the reviewer mentions points needed for that sector; as you can imagine this is not a very efficient or robust way to source data!

Is there a reliable (historical or third-party) resource where this QFF redemption information can be viewed?

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See our previous article here to get started: https://www.executivetraveller.com/frequent-flyer-tip-how-to-calculate-the-distance-of-your-flight

Using Great Circle Mapper as described in the article, you can calculate the distance of any flight between two airports.

You can then cross-check that flight distance in miles with the Qantas Classic Flight Reward tables, which outline how many points are needed based on the distance of a journey in miles: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/use-points/classic-flight-rewards/tables.html

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