• KrisFlyer can also fix that problem at its end, in case the call wait times to Velocity are too significant - it's fastest if you can give them your old KrisFlyer account number to help them search, but if not, they can dig through the system, find it and fix things up.

  • Hi Ozyjon, KLM doesn't fly to Australia, thus it's not on this list. Most Australians connecting onto KLM travel up to Asia on another airline first - you can find those airlines in the list.

  • Qatar Airways to fly to Brisbane

    Mar 26, 2020, 11:03 PM

    The previous weekly cap on Australian flights did not apply to Adelaide: only Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

  • From what I can see, the only QF1 cancellation today is the Singapore-London leg (given the aircraft won't be flying there). Sydney-Darwin and Darwin-London remain scheduled.

  • Just for clarity, the restriction is that visitors will not be allowed into Australia from tomorrow night. Australians can still enter and depart, although the Government's advice for all international travel from Australia remains at "do not travel".(This is advice, but not an outright 'ban' as ...

  • It's fine - it's just one of the many ways a reservation can be blanked.I recently had one both from and to "Fictitious Point", listed as being operated by a Qantas Boeing 747SP, ha. This was in fact a cancelled Qantas Classic Reward on Air France that was pending a refund, which came through wel...

  • Uncle Matt: Please do not attempt to post the same thing multiple times. If your comment is held for moderation, it will be attended to as soon as possible, but posting multiple times slows things down as we then have to go back to tidy things up.

  • Hi Ian, this is something we've been working to put together for a couple of days, and expect to have published soon.

  • Velocity - cash out points?

    Mar 24, 2020, 06:16 PM

    Personally, I'm quite comfortable with my balance of Velocity points and don't plan on converting them out to KrisFlyer or cashing them in for gift cards and the like.However, if you must travel right now (keeping in mind all the border restrictions, etc), it's a great time to use points to eithe...

  • Amex Velocity Card

    Mar 19, 2020, 05:14 PM

    It's my understanding that the free return flight can be booked for a future travel date, including one that would depart after the card's yearly renewal date.(For instance, a card may 'renew' in April 2020, but the existing free return flight could be redeemed in March 2020 for travel in Decembe...