Timeframe for credit card replacement while overseas

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Hello fellow travellers, I’m currently in Singapore and requested a replacement Visa card from my Australian bank on the 31st of October and was told it would arrive in 10 business days, but it never did.

I know other banks use reliable courier companies because I received replacement cards within days of requesting them earlier this year, even in the height of the pandemic with limited flights, etc.

Unfortunately, all my Australian bank has stated is that “the third party they engage to print cards is unable to send cards by express post”.

Incidentally I received a parcel from a friend in Australia sent by regular post after the replacement card, but the bank insists that the issue is with AusPost and won’t provide me with a tracking number.

I’ve since raised a complaint with AFCA and am waiting to hear back.

Has anyone faced delays with replacement card requests overseas?

In your experience, what is a realistic timeframe for a card to arrive?

Perhaps ET could add a paragraph about the ease or difficulty of obtaining a replacement card overseas when they rank credit cards moving forward.


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One of my cards was hacked via a payment service. Spoke to the bank from Amsterdam and an emergency card was delivered to my hotel next morning. I gave them the address of a hotel in Frankfurt where I would be in 11 days time..When I got there there were replacement cards, plus a letter from the bank to contact them when I returned. My bank is one of the 'big 4' and I have always found them to be very prompt and helpful with any credit card problems.

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