QF SYD - LAX RETURN Experience RE: Testing

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Luke Hines

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Hi ET fam.

Travelling with QF SYD - LAX return first two weeks of Feb. I understand pre-departure test is required for both entering the USA and returning back to OZ.

For those who have done it, did you do private tests or wait and do the tests available at the airport.

Would love your experiences for both SYD and LAX airports…



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We travelled SYD - LAX end of December. We did the test at the international terminal the morning we departed. Test result back in less than a hour. Service was good. The line was a bit long but moved well. If you use it make sure to prebook and pay online.

Tony Boyd

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I know somebody who did this at the airport, said it was very fast if you got there early ahead of the queue. I would rather get it done a day or two before I fly so it's one more thing I can cross off my "to do" list, and instead of waiting at the airport I can be just getting on with my day. But for LAX, check the pricing because airport testing with a fast turnaround could cost you quite a bit more than a test taken downtown. Maybe email or call your LA hotel and ask if there is any nearby testing place they recommend, and how much and how fast the turnaround is, because surely a lot of hotel guests these days are needing Covid tests before they travel.

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