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Hi all,

I'm an Australian living in New York now. I try to fly back to Melbourne twice a year. Did it a couple of weeks ago. I've always flown with Qantas on their QF11/12 tag flight to JFK, total winner. Obviously JFK isn't back on the roster, so we were put on American to LAX then Alaska back from LAX-EWR about 2 weeks later. Just have to say, absolutely horrendous service on both ends. Hard and soft product are both embarrassing. So, my family and I are all dying to know when the JFK tag flight comes back, it's not on the roster at all. If anyone has any inside info please let us know. Just praying that Qantas don't wait until Project Sunrise and call it quits with the tag flight.

I don't see why they can't do a 3x weekly A332, anything would work so great.

John Phelan

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Loads on the LAX-JFK tags have always been high, so I don't think there's any doubt they will return. The question is when. And the answer is when there is sufficient demand. My guess? Mid to late 2022.

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