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Hi folks

SYD->LHR->SYD in April/May. Can I use the lounge as a transit passenger in Changi, or will I be housed in a pen?



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If you were travelling today from Australia you'd be allowed to use the lounge, but on your return trip from LHR, you'd be "housed in a pen". But the only certainty about April/May is that nothing is certain. There's absolutely no point in trying to predict what the situation will be then.

I was in the "pen" in Changi last week, having flown in from Amsterdam. It wasn't as bad as we'd feared. For economy passengers it's a bit grim, but there's a separate area for premium passengers with comfortable seating, plenty of space, and free food and drink (from vending machines). It's quiet, too. It certainly can't be compared with the new Singapore Airlines lounge, but it could be worse -- a lot worse.

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In the quarantine area you can also book the airport hotel during your transit. Useful if you have a long layover.

If you do LHR SIN on the VTL flight then you should be able to use the lounge before your Sydney leg.

Only BA and SQ offer VTL flights so check carefully the flight number. You must have been in a VTL country for the previous 14 days before your flight.

The rules are changing often these days so keep checking!

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