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I have a question I wonder if you could shed some light on the subject matter

My wife and I are taking an anniversary trip from JFK NYC to Phuket Thailand via Doha Qatar with Qatar airways

It’s in business class and during Ramadan and I was wondering if they serve alcoholic beverages in the sky and on the ground in their lounges during Ramadan - I searched online and called the airline without and clarity




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Hello, Glenn. My understanding from previous years is that the airline continues to serve alcohol to customers, albeit more discreetly during Ramadan. In the lounge this means alcohol is hidden from view but is available upon request. In the air it's still available. My only caveat is that this was from several years ago, but I can't imagine the regulations being changed during that time. Unless of course, COVID is used as an excuse to cut or limit alcohol service (as has happened with some lesser airlines).


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I recently watched a review of Q Suites on YouTube and the vlogger was travelling during Ramadan. Would have had no idea until he mentioned it as the service was unchanged for those who are not practicing.

The only change they mentioned was that those doing Ramadan were given a small snack pack as food and drink can be consumed when travelling.

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