Sydney -> London via Darwin

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How long does it usually take for the Qantas online booking system to reflect changes to the flight paths?

I am trying to book flights to the UK in May but the site is still reflecting the trip via Singapore not Darwin. With the recent announcement that Qantas was holding off flying via Singapore until June, I thought that perhaps the online booking system may have updated.

If it IS flying via Darwin I could drop in for a visit with my brother on my return, but as it stands I cannot book the flight if I cannot build in the stopover.

If I can tap into the ET hivemind on this - rather than sit on hold on the phone for a few hours - I would appreciate any thoughts.



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You might be best to do it over the phone given the need for a stopover.


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As per patrickk above.. but U might consider a stopover on the way over..I have read that they are doing "pick ups" in Darwin.

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