Oneworld Sapphire AA first class baggage allowance

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Any feedback on how many checked bags are allowed flying AA as a Oneworld Sapphire (via QF) in first class is appreciated.

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I believe that the Qantas bags/weight allowances follows through to the AA (QF tagged) flights booked as part of the Oneworld agreement.

And I would find the info on the Oneworld site and print it out if I were you, and have it handy. I have read in the past of people getting grief at check in from staff who don't know the exact rules of the agreement. Charges for baggage after an already 'successful' shopping trip would take some of the joy away.


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Flew recently as QF Gold on Alaska with QF flight number as part of connecting itinerary and had to prove to gate agents that I was entitled to 3 x 32kgs bag as per Qantas baggage rules. Just carry a screenshot of the QF rules and they tend to roll over pretty quickly.

If it's not a QF flight number your bound by AA which I think is 3 x 23kg for OW Emerald.

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