Virgin domestic to ANA tight connection

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Booked ANA flight out of Sydney departing next week, they booked Virgin flight at 17:30 out of Melbourne and I have been watching the actual time of departure and rarely seems to depart on time giving me what could possibly be at worse a 1 hour transit time to get to my ANA flight departing 9pm.

Will this give us enough time to safely make our connecting flight, the entire booking was done on ANA website we are really worried we may come across some difficulties or will ANA ensure they wait for us and possibly others doing this route?

Also is it worth trying Virgin at Melbourne to see if they can accommodate and earlier flight for us at check-in since we will be getting to the airport 3 hours early.

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If you don't ask you don't receive and with the amount of departures on Sydney to Melbourne, I think there'll be plenty of time to make a swap if needed. And if your domestic flight gets delayed, they could always put you on the direct Sydney to Tokyo flight on ANA which isn't the worse thing in the world. In any case, ANA will get you to your destination even if it might mean an overnight airport hotel stay in the worst case scenario.

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