Convert St. George Amplify points: Malaysia Airlines Enrich miles

By Chris C., December 8 2016
Convert St. George Amplify points: Malaysia Airlines Enrich miles

Have a credit card linked to the St. George Amplify Rewards program, such as the St. George Amplify Signature Visa?

Then you can convert your Amplify Rewards points into Malaysia Airlines Enrich miles to spend on flights and upgrades with Malaysia Airlines, but also on flights with MAS’ Oneworld partners including Qantas, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines.

Whether you have the basic, Platinum or Signature Amplify card, points are converted to Enrich on a 2:1 basis – so 10,000 Amplify points is equal to 5,000 Enrich miles.

There’s also a minimum conversion amount of 3,000 Amplify points at a time (=1,500 Enrich miles), with higher conversions possible in 500-point increments, such as 3,500 Amplify points, 4,000 Amplify points and so on.

To get started, head to the frequent flyer page of the Amplify Rewards website, and enter either how many Amplify points you’d like to convert or how many frequent flyer points you’d like to receive:

(Note that as Amplify has multiple frequent flyer partners, you’ll see other options here too.)

If you’re happy with your selection, just click ‘Redeem now’ next to Malaysia Airlines Enrich, login to your Amplify Rewards account, provide your Enrich frequent flyer details and confirm the transfer.

St. George suggests waiting at least three business days for these points to appear in your Malaysia Airlines Enrich account, but in some cases the transfer could take a little longer.

There’s no limit on how many points you can convert to Enrich or any other frequent flyer program, or how often you can transfer those points – so as long as you transfer at least 3,000 Amplify points at a time, you’re all set.

Note also that while Qantas Frequent Flyer points can be earned on St. George Amplify credit cards, this is only possible by choosing the ‘Amplify Qantas’ option before you start spending, in which case, points will be directly transferred to your account every month.

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