Europcar Privilege rejig: car upgrades, airport lounge access

By Chris C., March 4 2014
Europcar Privilege rejig: car upgrades, airport lounge access

New features of the Europcar Privilege loyalty program have been unveiled, providing eligible members with car category upgrades and free weekend rentals, amongst other perks.

There's also a new Privilege Elite VIP tier giving Europcar’s most loyal renters a free ‘standard’ Priority Pass lounge membership (valued at US$99 per year), with one free lounge visit and US$27 per visit thereafter.

Changing the focus from percentage-based discounts to a broader system of perks will largely work in favour of the business traveller, who wouldn’t really benefit from any discount offer if travelling on a corporate account.

The elite tiers will also be easier to attain and retain, with the qualifying period for each tier being extended from one to two years

As such, the new system will calculate your status based on all activity from January of the previous year, instead of considering only the current calendar year.

Members belonging to all Europcar tiers can enjoy express pick-up service, a priority desk to skip queues at all major airport and a 10% discount at Sofitel, Pullman, Mercure and Novotel hotels worldwide.

In addition, members will now receive the following benefits at each membership tier:

Privilege Club

  • A free weekend rental after 10 rentals or 40 rental days
  • Upgrades to Privilege Executive also take place at this rental count

Privilege Executive

  • A free weekend rental after 25 rentals or 85 rental days
  • A free one-category upgrade to a larger car (subject to availability)
  • An upgrade to Privilege Elite status after the same 25 rentals or 85 rental days

Privilege Elite

  • A free weekend rental after a further 15 rentals or 45 rental days (in addition to those required for Privilege Executive)
  • A free two-category upgrade to a larger car (subject to availability)
  • A free additional nominated driver
  • Reach Privilege Elite VIP after a total of 40 rentals or 130 rental days in a two calendar year period

Privilege Elite VIP

  • A free weekend rental after 15 additional rentals or 45 rental days taken after reaching the Elite VIP tier
  • A free two-category upgrade to a larger car (subject to availability)
  • A free additional nominated driver
  • Complimentary Priority Pass Standard membership, providing access to over 700 airport lounges worldwide – the first visit is free, with any further use billed at US$27 per lounge visit.

To encourage Europcar’s corporate customers to use the company’s services on family holidays or leisure travel, the following benefits also apply after making a certain number of leisure rentals:

  • All tiers: One free weekend rental after the third leisure rental each year
  • Privilege Club: A $15 discount coupon after the second leisure rental
  • Privilege Executive: A $30 discount coupon after the fifth leisure rental
  • Privilege Elite: A $45 discount coupon after the fifth leisure rental
  • Privilege Elite VIP: A $60 discount coupon after the fourth leisure rental

The ‘leisure’ count excludes rentals taken on corporate or promotional rates, so you’ll be out of luck if you book your holiday car on one of these rate types.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

04 Mar 2014

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I would never book another EuropCar hire car again.

In 2012, I had the worst experience at Europcar in Abu Dhabi airport, where a vehicle was booked along with a GPS.  The vehicle we were provided was absolutley filtgy dirty, still had remains of food containters inside from the previous owner, had mud and dirt all over the vehicle, the car was only half full of fuel (and we were expected to have it full upon return to Europcar) and the GPS was old, Maps were out of date and the GPS brackets broken (meaning the unit had to be held for the drive to Dubai) .

Abu Dhabi staff were so untruthful to us and did not care one little bit.  We went next door and then hired a car on the spot from a Hertz and had fantastic service.

I then spent the next 3 months trying to obtain refunds from EuropCar, to which Management and Head office, did not want to know us or about the issues we encountered, let alone their breach of contract to me, as a hirer.

Surely this Previlidge club would want to be VERY VERY good to get me to hire again from Europcar.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2011

Total posts 732

@Chris: Any news wether VA will match Platinum status in Velocity to the new elite Privilege Elite VIP tier, or will it stay at Privilege Elite?

04 Mar 2014

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Hi KG. I though I might jump in and provide some clarification concerning Europcar Privilege Program. The tier matching program will remain the same; Velocity Gold will become Privilege Executive and Velocity Platinum, will become Privilege Elite. If you have further questions on this, please contact [email protected] 

Qantas - P1 Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Apr 2013

Total posts 45

I have to agree with Cluffne. I had a bad experience with Europcar and I don't think anything could convince me to deal with them again. Just take a look at to see what others think of them. No amount of perks can make up for a bill for damage you didn't cause.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Aug 2012

Total posts 65

Only two things to be said: 1) a ridiculous number of levels for a hire car  company - my eyes glazed over trying to understand it all; 2) after a number of incidents with Europcar where they tried to charge for existing damage to a  car, they can get st*ffed as far as I am concerned. Especially that car in Hobart that had - according to the form - NIL damage - and when I got to it in the car park, there was not a straight panel  anywhere, from what looked like hail damage and a number of front and back shunts. The back bumper was a wreck. I had to force someone to come and look at it and amend the form.

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