Franziska Iseli's AMEX Platinum Business Card helps her business soar

Franziska Iseli reveals how her American Express® Platinum Business Card helps her business reach new heights.

By Staff Writers, October 4 2019
Franziska Iseli's AMEX Platinum Business Card helps her business soar
Executive Traveller x American Express

You don’t always know when opportunity will knock. Being in the right place at the right time was key for Franziska Iseli, the Director of Sydney-based marketing firm Basic Bananas.

Reaping the benefits of the American Express® Platinum Business Card that she and all of her employees carry, helped Franziska to make an important connection for her business.

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The winner of the 2013 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, author of several best-selling books and an Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) board member, is also a voracious traveller who relishes the opportunity to access airport lounges in most airports, with her Platinum Business Card opening the door to more than 1,200 lounges in 130 countries with the American Express Global Lounge CollectionSM 1.

“When you are a business owner, you never stop working,” she says. “I sit down in the lounge and block out the world and get a lot done. I get on a coffee high, and then just work. But you can also meet cool and interesting people in those lounges, too.”

Over the past five years as an American Express Platinum Business Card holder, Franziska has worked in dozens of lounges around the world and also made many interesting and useful connections.

“Over the last two months I have been in the American Express Lounge in Hong Kong, New York, also in San Francisco. Most destinations I have been to recently had an American Express Lounge,” she says.

But it was a chance conversation during a Business Class flight – paid for using reward points2 accumulated on her Card – that brought the opportunity to meet one of Australia’s premier business leaders.

“I was on a flight to Malaysia last year, it was for a work engagement I had in Kuala Lumpur, and I met this older gentleman who was sitting behind me in Business Class who is the founder of a very large company in Sydney,” Franziska says.

“We started talking and we realised we were a part of the same Entrepreneurs Organization – he used to be a member. I asked him if he would come to be a guest speaker at Basic Bananas, and later he introduced me to Marcus Blackmore!”

The major shareholder in the vitamin and supplements company of the same name has since become more than a passing acquaintance. “I went to his office and met Marcus, and then we had coffee a few times. All because of this one encounter on a plane, because I was flying business class because of Amex.”

Other key benefits for her business, Basic Bananas, are that the Employee American Express Platinum Business Cards on her account3 used by her employees for business and travel-related expenses, accrue valuable points towards further purchases and discounts, and also allow up to 55 days to pay4.

“We’re still a small business so we try to maximise our finances as much as possible,” she says.

A key purchase – and perk – of Franziska’s American Express Platinum Business Card includes the opportunity to access discounts of up to 20% on Business Class and First Class flights5 on international routes.

“I do get a lot of work done in Business Class. I have the space and time available to take my laptop out and do some work, and think about strategy and the bigger picture of the company,” she says.

“When I get to the destination, I’m good to go because I have had the space to set up office on the flight, and also to get some sleep. The benefit is to get some work done, and then arrive fresh and ready to go.”

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This article is sponsored by American Express


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4. 55 Cash Flow days. Extend your cash flow by up to 55 days: Depending on when you make a purchase, when your statement is issued and whether or not you are carrying forward a balance on your account from your previous statement period.

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