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By danwarne, November 16 2010
Fujitsu P770U
The Good
  • DVD writer included
  • Only 1.4KG
  • 3G built in
The Bad
  • Not ultraslim at 2.9cm
  • Pretty boring styling
  • Spill resistant keyboard


Conservative styling hides a very capable yet lightweight notebook in Fujitsu's latest ultraportable.


In terms of style, the Fujitsu P770U is a fairly traditional notebook PC -- black, with visible air vents, dubiously useful special hotkeys for email/web browser, "eco mode", etc.

But aside from the uninspired styling, it's a very solid package of good performance in a light package. It weighs only 1.4KG yet includes a fast Intel Core i7 processor (1.33GHz, though that can accelerate up to 2.4GHz if both cores are not being used at once), and a DVD writer.

It uses a standard 500GB hard drive -- so, not super-fast compared to the SSD flash drives being used in many ultraportable notebooks nowadays, but providing good storage capacity if you want to take bulk lots of movies and TV shows with you while you travel.

The 12.1" screen will fit well on inside an economy class seat -- even when the person in front reclines, and it doesn't skimp on resolution, with 1280x800 pixels.

A really good bonus is the inbuilt 3G modem, capable of connecting to Telstra's excellent -- and now affordably priced -- Next G network at up to 7.2Mbit/s (as well as Optus/Vodafone/3 if you are prepared to accept less coverage and slower speeds).

The price for the good specifications in this machine is a slightly thicker form factor -- it's 29mm thick, which is average, rather than slim, for a notebook PC, and doesn't match the waif-like proportions of the MacBook Air.

Other useful features include an SD card slot for camera memory cards, and both an HDMI port for connection to hotel TVs and a VGA port for connection to meeting-room projectors, and a webcam with a microphone for Skype video chats.

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Price: $2799

27 Jan 2012

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Fujitsu computers are well engineered. They are more aimed at the business class. This model seems to be missing the usual scroll mouse beside the mouse pad?? Fujitsu will usually fit their computers with hight quality processors and keep the package as light as possible. Keyboard is usually very nice to use!

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