Review: Robbie Laptop Tote Bag by Freedom Filosofie

By Staff Writers, April 18 2017
Review: Robbie Laptop Tote Bag by Freedom Filosofie

Women that travel frequently may find it cumbersome juggling their handbags, laptop cases and luggage all at once – so the idea of a ‘laptop handbag’ that can carry all your essential personal and work items in one place is what inspired Australian brand Freedom Filosofie’s new range of versatile bags, including laptop handbags, laptop totes, and even an iPad clutch.

We took the new Robbie Laptop Tote bag on a test run and were impressed with its capabilities – it’s clearly a high-functioning, stylish tote designed by someone that knows what women need in a travel work bag.

The structure of the Robbie is split into three main compartments, with room for a 15" laptop, plus a plethora of nooks and crannies to stow away your tablet, cords, phone, documents, sunglasses, purse, keys, toiletries and pens in dedicated compartments.

While it’s designed to be useful, craftsmanship hasn’t been ignored - the Robbie Tote bag is made of full grain Saffiano cow leather and is robust and structured. The straps are made of tubular leather and are strong and stable on the shoulder.

Travelling with the Robbie Tote bag is a delight – because the bag is so sturdy and able to hold weight, you can ditch your handbag and travel with a single piece of carry-on with all your business needs and travel comforts. 

The bag is also designed to fit in overhead compartments, making it perfect for business travellers.

It’s also worth noting that the lining of the bag is a bright floral pattern that complemented the lux black leather beautifully, however if you prefer something more monotone or conservative this may not be the right choice for you.

Overall we were very impressed with the Robbie Tote bag from Freedom Filosofie. As a stylish, high-functioning laptop bag / handbag / travel bag, it’s not only gorgeous but a joy to use.

Tested by Amanda Beck.

The Robbie Tote bag is priced at $645, and available in three different colours - Crimson (Red), Marina (Dark Blue) and Midnight (Black). You can purchase the bag here

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