Latest 'unofficial' Qantas frequent flyer app tracks points, status

By John Walton, November 14 2011
Latest 'unofficial' Qantas frequent flyer app tracks points, status

One of the most useful iPhone apps in the Qantas frequent flyer's arsenal, the unofficial Frequent Flyer Calculator, has received an update, with a multi-trip calculator plus additional saved history space in version 2.0 -- and it's now free, to boot.

Australian designer Adam Ware has also ensured that the app won't be suddenly yanked from the store by Qantas' legal team, with an "updated design to avoid copyright issues", including no more Qantas-like red colour in the app.

Apart from the two updates, everything works just as it did in the September version 1.2 release.

But the updates -- especially the multi-trip calculator -- are really useful for business travellers.

It'll help to work out your end-of-qualifying-year Platinum or Gold status situation and figure out when exactly you'll have enough points to book that redemption ticket to somewhere relaxing.

It's simple to add even complicated multi-stop, open-jaw itineraries like this one (Sydney-London-Frankfurt-Singapore-Melbourne-Sydney) to the system: just tap in the airport code and hit the green Add button.

Link your Qantas Frequent Flyer number or pick your status from the menu and the app will spit out precisely how many status credits and points you'll have after your journey.

You can also drill down into the details to figure out exactly which flight earns what.

That's useful because, for example, you can figure out exactly when your account will turn from Gold to Platinum, allowing you to use the First Class lounges instead of the Business Class ones.

You'll also discover details like the fact that you get an extra 40 status credits by stopping in Singapore from Australia instead of going straight through.

The app is free from iTunes in Australia or (if you've followed our advice on picking up a US iTunes account) the USA

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Great app! I use it all the time.

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