How to save hundreds per night at the Park Hyatt Sydney hotel...

By Chris C., May 26 2015
How to save hundreds per night at the Park Hyatt Sydney hotel...

Members of Hyatt Gold Passport could save up to $280 per night off the normal room rates at the Park Hyatt Sydney hotel, thanks to a new ‘buying points’ promotion.

Until June 1 2015, travellers can enjoy a 40% bonus when they buy at least 10,000 Hyatt Gold Passport (HGP) points, which can then be redeemed for nights at hotels around the globe – including in Sydney.

Looking towards the lush Park Hyatt Sydney hotel, an overnight stay in a City Harbour King room averages $940 in May, or $1,880 for a two-night sojourn:

But, the same room is also available for 30,000 HGP points per night...

With the 40% bonus, you could buy exactly 60,200 HGP points – the minimum amount above 59,999 points and enough for a two night stay – for US$1,032.

That’s around A$1,319, or in other words, it’s $280.50 less per night for an all-up saving of $561.

The quirks and caveats explained

As always, there are a few caveats, but they’re quite simple.

Each year, you can buy a maximum of 55,000 HGP points. Bonus points aren’t included in that tally, so by buying 43,000 points with a 17,200 bonus, you’ll actually net 60,200 points despite the annual cap.

Also, you’ll want to check that award nights are available on your preferred dates before shelling out a four-figure sum for the points.

On the Hyatt website, that’s easily done by searching for rooms as you normally would, but then clicking “show Hyatt Gold Passport points” when the rates appear.

Finally, the Park Hyatt Sydney doesn’t make suites available to travellers booking with points, so you’ll only be able to redeem for a standard rooms.

HGP points can also be used at Hyatt’s other Australian hotels – including in Canberra, Melbourne and Perth – along with its roster of properties across the globe.

Room rates and redemption costs vary between hotels, so if you’re planning to stay elsewhere, make sure the deal stacks up before you dive in.

To get started, head to the Hyatt Gold Passport website and buy your bounty of miles before 2pm AEST on June 1.

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Good to know - but in my experience the whole scheme has been downgraded. Best return on points, as with most schemes was to upgrade rather than buy room nights. Example: used to be able to do a double upgrade from a standard room at Melbourn Hyatt for 6000 points, and get a three night upgrade to a suite. Then it became 6000 points for one night, and now a points upgrade to a suite appears never to be available. In fact I have been unable to use points to upgrade to any room for nearly a year. As with most loyalty schemes, the loyalty is mainly one we - you to the scheme, not the scheme to you.

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