Hurricane Irene: JFK, New York airports to re-open from noon Monday

By John Walton, August 29 2011
Hurricane Irene: JFK, New York airports to re-open from noon Monday

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PREVIOUS | New York airports will re-open in a phased process from 6am Monday, with full flight operations from noon Monday, following Hurricane Irene.

Flights into John F Kennedy (JFK), Newark (EWR) and La Guardia (LGA) had been delayed or cancelled during the tropical storm.

US airlines, including American, Continental, Delta, United & US Airways, which all serve the New York tri-state area, will gradually re-establish flights and clear backlogs of stranded passengers.

Over 10,000 flights were cancelled, delayed or diverted this weekend as airports closed because of the storm.

If you must get in or out of the area urgently, your best option is likely to drive out to an open airport in Washington, DC.

New York

John F Kennedy (JFK), Newark (EWR) and La Guardia (LGA) airports are currently fully closed, but will reopen gradually. New York airports are among the worst affected, being coastal airports in the area with a significant storm surge from the hurricane.

The airports will gradually establish timetables for each airline. The best advice is to check with your particular airline for their plans to restart services.

Washington DC

Dulles (IAD) and National (DCA) are, according to an airport authority statement, "open with no major damage from yesterday's storm. Flights are operating today with some delays and cancellations expected, especially to destinations in the New York area or other Northeastern U.S. cities.

Other cities

Philadelphia (PHL) shows widespread cancellations. The area saw some of the most intense rainfall from the remarkably large, slow-moving hurricane.

Charlotte (CLT) in North Carolina -- where Irene made its first US landfall -- is showing scattered cancellations, mainly for flights from New York and the Northeast.

Boston Logan (BOS) is completely shut, with no timetable yet for re-opening.

Flexible ticket options

Most US airlines are offering flexible ticket conditions and waiving change fees for the next week or so -- including Qantas partner American Airlines and Virgin Australia partners Delta and Virgin America.

Expect widespread disruption on the east coast and knock-on effects throughout the United States.

Airline information

Airlines offering to waive the change fees for rebooking tickets include:

Airport information

For up-to-the-minute information from each airport, follow the links to:

Washington DC

New York


Travellers with New York in their itineraries can subscribe to updates for JFK, Newark and La Guardia from airport operator the Port Authority via email, mobile phone or PDA.

Other East Coast hub airports potentially affected include Charlotte (CLT) and Philadelphia (PHL), which are both US Airways bases.

General travel advice

In any potentially disruptive situation, be prepared and know what your options are ahead of time. Read through our comprehensive advice on what to do when you suspect your travel plans might be disrupted. And keep checking back here at Australian Business Traveller for updates.

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