MyCurl travel hair curlers: sleep your way to amazing hair!

By Anna Torres, July 14 2011
MyCurl travel hair curlers: sleep your way to amazing hair!

I love travelling for work, but spending time styling my hair each morning is not the highest priority. The same probably goes for most female business travellers, unless of course you are Gisele Bundchen strutting your way to the latest Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

The rest of us spend any spare morning minutes in the hotel room doing last-minute preparation for meetings and planning for a hectic day.

That's why, despite carrying a GHD IV Styler as part of my travel kit, most of the time I use it only before heading out to dinner – I never have time in the morning to properly do my hair.

What if you could do your hair the night before, or rather, while you're sleeping? That's the promise of the MYCURL travel curlers, available at for $89.

They're designed to overcome the morning rush: you sleep in them overnight, and allegedly "wake up with amazing hair." And after testing these on a recent business trip I'm delighted to say that they work like a charm.

Each MYCURL kit comes with six curlers, bundled into their own travel-friendly clutch pack. Roll your hair using the curlers before bed – this takes around 10 minutes, so it's quick and easy, and as the curlers lie flat against the head they're comfortable to sleep in.

Don't worry if the curlers move in your sleep, as this little bit of 'imperfection' adds an appealing natural look to your curls. Pull the curlers out after you wake up and you've got fantastic flowing curls. Use a little mousse, hairspray or other styling product for the finishing touches.

Alternatively, if you’d rather not sleep with the hair curlers, achieving the same look would take approximately 20-30 minutes in the morning. Roll the curlers into your hair, then apply heat with your hair straightener or blow dryer. I tend to use this option at home, as cuddling my husband in bed while I'm wearing the curlers can be a little cumbersome!

The only drawback I've come across is that after a few months' of use, a strap broke off one of the curlers. However, as they're covered by a 12 month warranty that's easily remedied.

To make the most of the MYCURL curlers, check out the videos on to determine which 'look' suits you best and what you’d like to achieve, then do a few trial runs at home before your trip.

One great tip provided by Dario Controneo, who created the MYCURL while working at his Darlinghurst (Sydney) salon, is to pack a make-up brush for your hair. Hit the brush with hairspray and use this to control any fly-away strands of hair.

There's also an 'express style' video for easily changing your look from day to night. My colleagues were surprised that I could suddenly be wearing a different hairstyle with less than an hour to get ready before dinner.

The MYCURL curlers are a low-cost investment which gives amazing results. We all know that having a 'good hair day' really elevates your mood, and this is especially important when you’re tired and jet-lagged, yet still need to be at your best in a completely different timezone. Doing a little Gisele strut while you’re walking to the airport gate is up to you...

Anna Torres

Since becoming a mum, Intel Australia PR Manager Anna Torres has a new appreciation for long flights alone, even in economy. Where else can you watch back-to-back movies in peace?

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