Review: New SATS T1 Premier Lounge, Singapore: Changi Airport's best Priority Pass lounge?

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By Chris C., February 18 2015
New SATS T1 Premier Lounge, Singapore: Changi Airport's best Priority Pass lounge?





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The Good
  • Multi-country AC power points are abundant
  • Five completely private shower suites
The Bad
  • Average buffet options, limited alcohol
  • Different functional zones divide the lounge


Step inside the new SATS T1 Premier Lounge at Singapore Changi Airport: offering business travellers a dedicated working area with a plethora of power points, private shower suites, a relaxation zone and more.

It's also in the same terminal used by Qantas, Emirates, British Airways and Jetstar, so even if you're not a frequent flyer, a paid-up lounge member or travelling at the pointy end, there's no reason you can't cool your heels in the SATS lounge.

Australian Business Traveller stopped by on a recent trip to the Lion City, and can confidently crown it as Changi Airport's best Priority Pass lounge – here's why.

Location & Impressions

After clearing passport control at Changi Airport, turn left and take the first escalator to your right, which has signage pointing to the Qantas, Thai Airways, British Airways and SATS lounges.

Sandwiched in between the airline trio, the SATS facility is quite modern and divides into different zones for work, relaxation, a drink or even a nap.

While it feels spacious enough, the sea of brown, cream and orange gives it a slightly 'bland' feel, which is offset by a little indoor shrubbery to bring much-needed balance to the colour palate.


Priority Pass, SATS Affinity, Airport Angel and Lounge Club members can visit the SATS T1 Premier Lounge when travelling with any airline, in line with their selected membership plan.

All Diners Club cardholders can also stop by at no charge – including Australian customers with a Citibank Diners card – as can eligible frequent flyers and business and first class passengers travelling with the following airlines:

Air China, Air Niugini, Bangladesh Airlines, China Southern, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Myanmar Airways, Philippine Airlines, Regent Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways and Xiamen Air.


While the lounge itself has been completely revamped, the same can't be said about the food and beverage offering.

It's much the same before, with several hot food choices are available at the buffet including a tasty chicken and rice dish...

... plus the obligatory tea, coffee...

... wine and basic spirits.

White wine and soft drinks can be found in the adjacent fridge, although with just three spirits available and your typical found-in-every-airport-lounge hot food, it's got nothing on the Qantas Singapore Lounge, its choice of desserts and the seasonal, table-served plates of the day.


Despite its shortcomings in the food department, the facilities provided for business travellers are ideal in almost every respect.

Brought your own laptop? Stake your claim to one of the comfy working benches, with the desk a perfect height and distance from the seat for typing on a laptop:

As you'll have spotted, each desk comes with an impressive four power points, all of which accept Australian plugs without an adaptor.

(But if you've packed your Singapore charger, that's fine too.)
(But if you've packed your Singapore charger, that's fine too.)

Sadly, SATS didn't think to install USB power ports when wiring up the AC outlets, but given the option of one or the other, AC was the better choice.

On the opposite side of the walkway are Windows-based computer terminals for any last-minute browsing or emailing...

... although these hadn't been configured at the time of our visit, which was roughly one week after the lounge's official opening date.

Fixed timber dividers make each group of seats feel a touch more intimate in the 'working wing' of the lounge...

... and in between them, you'll still find at least one adjacent power point for every traveller – handy if your phone needs a top-up while your laptop arrived fully-charged.

For a more communal and social approach to doing business or for colleagues travelling together, look for the circular table and its power points...

... or the long orange benches – again, with power points galore.

That's something we really love about this lounge – you don't need to confine yourself to a desk to plug in and recharge, so you're free to roam about the space as your mood dictates.

And if there's work to be done, you can burn the midnight oil at purpose-built desks – far away from the noise of the buffet and the TVs – and use the free Wi-Fi, which was more than adequate for basic web browsing.


Those same seats double as a great spot to perch yourself and your drinks, while the tree-bearing round bench is great for calling loves ones or the office back home...

... as it lacks its cocktail tables and thus you're less likely to disturb somebody hard at work.

Feel free to grab a newspaper or magazine, available in multiple languages...

... before kicking back and watching the game in chairs that are conveniently close to the buffet for an extra round or two.

Several relaxing pre-reclined seats also face the wall and a TV above to escape that 'airport' feeling...

... while a bank of massage chairs are also on-hand for weary travellers.

Five private shower rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, each with its own en suite bathroom and the required amenities.

All up, it's certainly not the Qantas Singapore Lounge – but if you're stuck in economy and have a Priority Pass card tucked away in your wallet, we'd peg the new SATS Premier Lounge in T1 as your best bet for a relaxing and productive stay at Changi Airport.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

16 Dec 2011

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Any idera when the other SATS lounges are upgrading ?  I went to the T2 one the other week, and wish I'd stayed out with the unwashed masses :-)

It is small and cramped feeling.

24 Apr 2012

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Nothing to report at this stage, sorry.

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