New York's amazing High Line "elevated railway" park

By John Walton, July 6 2011
New York's amazing High Line

Frequent travellers to New York will be familar with the High Line park -- a landscaped, elevated former railroad that's now a walking trail, which winds its way between skyscrapers on the lower West Side through the Chelsea district.

Now the park is even longer, with another ten-block section opened between 20th and 30th streets -- making this an even better way to spend an afternoon or evening, especially during the US summer. 

The High Line is open every day from 7am to 11pm in spring, summer and autumn, and is lit once darkness starts to fall around 8pm in the summer.

The park now makes up a full mile between Gansevoort St (just south of West 12th) and 30th streets, and runs just to the west of 10th Avenue for most of its length.

Landscaped with a carefully considered selection of wildflowers, shrubs and trees, it's not the Central Park experience of getting away from New York City -- it's in a park that's going right through the heart of the city instead.

Quite literally through, in some cases: the High Line passes inside or underneath several buildings, including the Chelsea Market building and the Standard Hotel.

Most business travellers wouldn't stumble across the High Line -- it's not in the financial or corporate areas of town. 

But its lower end isn't far at all from the 14th St/8th Ave subway stop served by A, C, E and L trains, and its upper end is close enough to the 34th St Penn Station A, C and E subway stop.

A third section, which would extend the park northwards to the Jacob Javits Convention Center, is also planned.

If you're up on the High Line, don't forget to load your iPhone with our favourite app for finding local coffee houses -- there are heaps in the vibrant and exciting areas around the park.

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Pictures: Beyond My Ken, Gryffindor, Jessye Anne

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