Dassault’s ultra-long range Falcon 10X is a “flying penthouse”

The roomy luxury jet will vie with high-end Bombardier, Gulfstream models.

By David Flynn, May 7 2021
Dassault’s ultra-long range Falcon 10X is a “flying penthouse”

Dassault has unveiled its largest, fastest and farthest-flying private jet in a bid to catch up with rivals, although the US$75 million (A$97m) Falcon 10X won't be ready for customers until the end of 2025.

And it'll be worth the wait, promises Eric Trappier, chief executive officer of Paris-based Dassault.

Customers pressed for an "ultra-long range Falcon, and this is going to be the case with the Falcon 10X,"  Trappier explains, citing the Falcon 10X's range of 7,500 nautical miles (13,800 km) – enough to fly nonstop from Sydney to Los Angeles or Hong Kong.

And it'll get there fast: the new plane will use a version of Rolls-Royce’s Pearl engine with more than 18,000 pounds of thrust for a top speed of Mach 0.925, just below the sound barrier, matching the Global 7500 and the G700 of arch-rival Bombardier.

“But it’s also comfort. When you’re traveling for a long time, you need to be effective, you need to feel at home.”

The massive cabin – which Dassault touted as “your penthouse suite in the sky” –  will have an interior height of 6 feet, 8 inches (2 metres), the most among private jets, excluding luxury versions of jetliners made by Airbus and Boeing.

Like the Global 7500, the Falcon 10X allows multiple customisable interior configurations, including a bedroom and shower.

Cabin concepts shared by Dassault include an expanded dining/conference area, a dedicated entertainment area with a large-screen monitor, a private stateroom with a queen-size bed or an enlarged master suite with a private stand-up shower.

Passengers will experience a 3,000-foot cabin pressure altitude while flying at 41,000 feet to mitigate the effects of jet lag, while a "next-generation filtration system" is claimed to provide 100% pure air.

Dassault, which is partially owned by Airbus and also makes military aircraft such as the Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon, said the Falcon 10X’s wings will be made of carbon-fibre composites based on its fighter-jet designs. That will provide a smoother ride, the company said.

The aircraft will also be at least as quiet as the Falcon 8X, currently the quietest business jet in service.

“The 10X will be more than just another big step forward in business aviation. It will be absolutely the best business jet available in the ultra-long-range category, and will remain so for a long time,” said Trappier.

Additional reporting by Bloomberg