What’s it like to drive the first electric Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz isn’t the first, but wants to be the best with its new all-electric SUV.

Ged Bulmer |

Lexus turns up the wick with the RC F coupe

It’s taken time, but Lexus has finally achieved proper sports car credibility.

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Aston Martin belatedly joins SUV brigade with DBX

The struggling British sports car maker holds high hopes for its first family-friendly model.

Hannah Elliott |

A look inside Porsche's massive new Taycan factory

Step behind the the scenes as Porsche pulls together its first modern electric car.

Hannah Elliott |

Q is for 'quick': Audi’s updated Q5 SUV impresses

A refined driving experience matched with chunky power delivery ensures the Q5 50 TDI can talk the torque.

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Is Alpina’s B5 Touring better than a Beemer?

Tweaks by a key collaborator strengthen the appeal of BMW’s capable family wagon.

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Volvo's Polestar 1 Coupe is a different breed of hybrid

Due to debut in 2020, this sleek carbon-fibre coupe will redefine the luxury hybrid market.

Hannah Elliott |

Tesla's Model 3 shows EVs can be both green and mean

Once you get your head around the acceleration and mind-boggling tech, everything else seems old hat.

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BMW Z4 vs Toyota Supra: which should you buy?

Two sports cars from one blueprint; one German, the other Japanese. We select our favourite.

Paul Gover |

Lexus RX now a worthy rival to big German SUVs

Dynamic upgrades put the venerable RX model in the same conversation as some coveted rivals.

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Daimler's design guru sees a future in 'sustainable luxury'

The man behind wild concepts like the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Shuttle has an eye on ease and aesthetics.

Hannah Elliott |

Lamborghini’s Huracan Evo serves up dynamic thrills

A day at Phillip Island leaves a bellisimo impression of the Italian maker’s latest track day special.

James Fordham |

Road test: Bigger is better for Audi’s upsized Q3 SUV

It turns out that size does matter in the highly competitive prestige compact SUV category.

Ged Bulmer |

Road test: Jaguar XE is an executive express

With the updated XE, the British-born prestige brand puts up a worthy challenge to its German rivals.

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‘Cars and coffee’ is like a motor show, only better

With an array of desirable cars and chilled Sunday morning vibe, this concept brings horsepower to the people.

Michael Stahl |

Road test: Lexus's LC500h is a surprise charmer

It’s the way it looks and drives, plus a few surprise-and-delight features, that help the LC500h to stand out.

Ged Bulmer |

Aston Martin DBX gets December debut

The British marque aims high as it attempts to muscle into the luxury SUV market.

Paul Gover |

Jaguar's F-Pace SVR is an automotive apex predator

This rowdy rapid SUV asks to be driven, and driven hard. Executive Traveller happily complied.

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